QoS (Quality of Service) prioritize your network trafic. Here is a way to do it on your OpenWrt.

The proposed script divide your outgoing network trafic into 5 priority classes as follow:

  • 1 - ping, DNS, ack : very fast
  • 2 - gaming, SSH : high priority, reliable
  • 3 - local services : good bitrate, average response time
  • 4 - users: web and email(default class)
  • 5 - peer 2 peer

One popular use for routers with OpenWrt is hosting a VPN server. Here is a way to setup your own VPN server so you can access your files from anywhere using Windows' built-in VPN client.

The DC10+ is a low-end video capture card by Pinnacle. This card only works with the software "Studio" for windows but fortuately there is a driver to make it run on linux. The chipset used on the DC10+ is a zoran-36067, so we can use the zoran driver (http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net/driver-zoran/). Here is how to be able to display a video signal from your DC10+ direcly on your screen on Debian Lenny.

The Linksys WRT54G is one of the best router you may find. Why? Because you can install OpenWrt on it Wink. Here is how to install OpenWrt White Russian RC4 in a few steps on a WRT54Gv2.

The AS8SC laptop from Asus has a 1.3M pixel webcam. Let's use it!