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Change hostname and fqdn on debian

On Debian, the hostname is set at startup thanks to the script /etc/init.d/ which uses the file /etc/hostname. We can use this file to update the computer hostname and its FQDN (fully qualified domain name).

Caution: in the /etc/hosts file, the hostname and FQDN order must be respected.

~$ echo "my-computer" > /etc/hostname
~$ echo " my-computer localhost" > /etc/hosts
~$ /etc/init.d/

You can check the change with the following lines:

~$ hostname
~$ hostname --fqdn

The old hostname may still be present in the command line prompt. Just logoff then login to make it dissapear Wink.

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donjuanique  - Really useful   | |2011-11-13 21:01:29
After seeking and testing several ways of doing this, at last I found an easy
way to do it.
Thank you.
Steven  - emptying the rest of your /etc/hosts     | |2012-05-09 10:44:57
by using > to fill the /etc/hosts file you'll empty the rest of your hosts file.
You might want to use the >> operator so it's added instead of emptying the
whole file, you might want to check what is in it before you overwrite it out of
the blue.
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